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8.Do you have knowledge of Chatt Hosting?
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9.Are you currently working for or have you ever worked another chat?
If yes what was your Chat/Host name, which chat server(s) and reasons for leaving:

10.Describe how you would handle disruptive situations in a room:
a. A chatter bad mouthing another user:

b. A chatter cloning another use's nick:

c. A chatter abusing hosts and/or other users:

d. A chatter using excessive profanity:

e. A charter posting links without admin or host permission:

f. A chatter is complaining about private massages (pm):

g. A chatter is Spamming/Flooding:

11.What do you feel you can contribute to Donamix Chat?
What sets you apart from other applicants?

12.If someone wants to change their username in profile how do you respond?

13.If someone wants to delete their profile how do you respond?

14.If someone asked how to be a mod or admin how do you respond?

15.If someone wants to register/sign up how do you respond?

16.If someone asked what is the benefits of credits how do you respond?

17.How do you respond to criticism?

18.Date you joined Donamix chats:

19.How did you know about Donamix?
If you was invited by a user write his/ her name here

20.Please give at least 2 references: