How to be Admin in Chat room?

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Name: Admin
Relationship Status: Single
Gender:  Male
Country:  Lebanon
How to be Admin in Chat room?

By donating to you can become an admin in a chat room. 
Click Here To learn more why to make a donation? 

(Monthly payment: 100$ for Admin account.)

Please take your time to read the following details below.


What Features do admin get?

-See IP Address and country of each user.

-Full ban options and ability to suspend/re-activate member profiles

-Each admin account must be used in one chat room only.

-Ability to Ban / Kick / Mute & Silent Mute ...


Why to make donation?

-To help maintain an pay for chat hosting service.

-To develop new features and services.

Please follow the steps below to apply for an admin account.


To apply for an Adminship in a specific chat room Click Here


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