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Privacy Policy for Donamix Games

Donamix is always coming up with convivial and captivating products on the

Android platform for the users to be engaged into day in, day out. Donamix has

always been devoted to create a safe environment for better and for always

for our users. This privacy policy encompasses all the calculated measures that

Donamix tend to take to offer protection to its users and the users under the

age of 13 as well.


Donamix may ask its users to provide necessary identifiable personal

information on using the services to incorporate with other data for improving

user’s experience, which users can turn down any time before proceeding to

use the services. Bear in mind, Donamix does not deliberately offer its services

to the users under the age of 13. So, Donamix urges all of the users under the

age of 13 to seek parental guidance before undertaking the services. Donamix

also advises the parents to monitor and keep a track of internet activities of

their children.


By using the services and products of Donamix, you agree to observe and be

bound by this privacy policy. Donamix has your approval of collection,

processing, use and disclose of the information given by you. You hereby

accept the terms and conditions set by Donamix.

You may withdraw by not proceeding to using services and products of App



Information Collected by Donamix:

Users over the age of 13 will be asked to register before they will be able to

use our products and services. Users will have to provide their username,

password, date of birth and email address. Donamix may attain some non-

personal data to enhance the user experience on the services and products

that it provides. Non-personal data may include: browser type, device version,

type of device and IP address. Please note that this statistical data will solely be

used to analyse demographical progress. This will help Donamix in identifying

target market and certain areas to focus and bring improvement to. Donamix

may ask users to provide contact information for surveys and communication

for future prospects and expectations of users from the developers. Statistical

data may also include high scores, timings and user activities on the services

and products to boost up the environment.

Social Media Connection:

Donamix also offers its users to submit their information through any of social

media platform. Users must be of age 13 to register on these platforms. App

Cell may obtain data such as name, user ID, gender, location, avatar, date of

birth and email address. Donamix assures its users that all of the necessary

gained personal information is encrypted.

Access to Smartphone Features:

Donamix may ask its users to allow access to various features of their

smartphones such as camera, microphone, contacts and location solely for the

purposes of aligning with the features of our services and products and also to

increase efficiency and providing influential user experience.

Use and disclose of the information collected:


Donamix collects information only to improve the design of services and

products to garner more target audience. Donamix ensure its users that all the

information collected through services or social media platform are fully

encrypted and are in hashed form through proper channels. Donamix takes

immense measures to safeguard all the information and prevents from

unauthorized access.

However, on certain occasions, Donamix may disclose information to third

parties for advertising purposes. Donamix use ad campaigns and utilities to

steer its products forward on the market and also for revenue generation

functions. Users’ information may be collected to tailor the advertisements

that may interest them.

Donamix may also disclose information to third parties in case if Donamix feels

there is viable cause to bring a legal action against someone deliberately

sabotaging services and products.

Donamix also advises the users to take necessary precautions when asked for

information by third parties which are governed under their policies. Please

read those policies carefully and then proceed.


Amendments to the Privacy Policy:

In order to suggest variations, amendments and changes to our current privacy

policy, feel free to write, email or contact Donamix on the contact information



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