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                                               WEIGHT LOSS AND DENTURES

Dentures are in most cases necessary at some point in our life. Many denture patients lost weight when they are first fitted with their new dentures and this is caused by some factors beyond their control until they seek help. This makes it important for us to write on this topic for the benefit of our readers. It is important for our audience to pay maximum attention as we open their eyes to see how they can avoid weight loss and the various diets they can be on to make their dentures more comfortable. We expect our audience to know why they are losing weight after their first denture fitted, how they can avoid such from happening, and the various diets they can be on to prevent loss of weight and make their dentures more comfortable. It is important to talk about all these because all we want for our audience is to stop losing weight.

Having dentures fitted can make you suffer from malnutrition. This is because the wearing of dentures can cause loss of taste and which automatically result in malnutrition and loss of weight. There are many people suffering from malnutrition and the cause of it is nothing other than loss of taste which is caused by ill-fitting dentures. Also, wearing of dentures can make you lose appetite. If dentures are not properly placed, it will become difficult for the user to eat and chew food. This automatically results in a low intake of food and then lead to loss of weight. This is indeed one of the key reasons why persons could get malnourished because whenever people become uncomfortable with the denture they wear, their appetite will instantly go down considerably and which automatically lead to weight loss.

However, there are many ways to prevent dentures from causing loss weight or to avoid loss weight from wearing of dentures. There are ways you can make sure your dentures are not interfering with your sense of taste so that you can go on to enjoy food and drinks. One of these is wearing of clean dentures. If you don’t want your denture to cause you to lose your sense of taste, you must be able to always clean up your denture. Properly cleaned dentures will only enhance your taste level and won’t cause you to lose appetite. Also, you must make sure your dentures are properly fitted or you consider opting in for different better-fitting denture options. It is a known fact that if your dentures are not properly fitted, it becomes painful and difficult for you to use it. An ill-fitted denture will definitely prevent you from eating and chewing foods. Therefore, it is always advisable for denture wearers to constantly visit a dentist to help them fit their dentures properly.

At this point, I am glad to inform you that there are diets you can be on to make your dentures comfortable and less painful. The fact that you are a denture wearer does not mean that you are totally deprived of eating. Dr. Hewllet says, "You can find new ways of enjoying foods you previously included in your diet.” Some of the diets that can make your denture comfortable are:

1.    Air-puffed veggie crisps: This is a very good one for denture wearer especially if it’s not they salty snack. Dr. Hewllet cautions that some brands some brands get sticky as you chew them, and this can be especially so for those who may have low saliva flow. You might need to drink enough fluid because you might need your mouth to be very moisture to maintain a seal.

2.    Sugar-free gum: Chewing a sugar-free gum can actually help with saliva production. This won’t wreck your dentures but instead improve them. Dr. Hewllet says, "Finding the brand that works best with your particular denture is a matter of trial and error.” You have to try and discover the best sugar-free gum that improves your denture well.

3.    Pitted olives: This is a perfect replacement for nuts. It is easy to chew and contain heart-healthy fats the help in the reduction of cholesterol. It is a very good diet for the denture bearers. Dr. Hewllet says, "Fresh seedless grapes and berries are also tasty and nutritious denture-friendly snacks."

4.   Piece meal: Dr. Hewllet says, "Cutting up your meat into small pieces is certainly a way to enjoy it without giving it up".

Also, there are some products which help denture wearers. Some of these products provide positive improvement and effectiveness to dentures. The following are some of such products:

1)    Efferdent Denture Cleanser/Single-Layer: This is an anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser which kills 99.9% of the bacteria that cause denture odor and also reduce plaque buildup and remove food particles that can cause gum irritation. It dissolves tough stains in hard to reach places and keeps dentures fresh and clean. It can be used in any denture bath. Dentures may be soaked safely in Efferdent overnight and it is recommended for use on full or partial dentures and removable orthodontic appliances.

2)    Effergrip Denture Adhesive:  This product is a Zinc-free Denture Adhesive Cream which thoroughly brushes away any remaining adhesive. "The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs” acceptance of Effergrip Denture Adhesive is based on its finding that the product is effective as a temporary measure.

3)    Fresh Guard Soak: This product is specially formulated to clean mouth guards, retainers and to clear braces. It also kills 99.9% of the odor-causing bacteria and removes the build-up of mouth film. “The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs” acceptance of this product is based on its finding that the productive is very effective in the cleaning of the mouth and clearance of braces. 

In conclusion, most people believe when they get their dentures installed it would last them for years but the truth is that there is a higher possibility of them changing the denture sizes after five years. But most people would rather stay for a long period of time before changing their dentures causing the dentures to become ill-fitted which cause them pain and inability to use them to eat. Hence, it leads to loss of weight.



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