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  • a. y. 1 year ago

    Hello all,I'm new here.Version2.1 of the app for android,asks for verification of account by clicking a link but ends up in an error message stating "trying to get property of non-object...your account is not verified".I wonder if anybody could help me on this issue

  • Harding Sanders 2 months ago

    There are many people who got the notification to the account verification when they put their all info on the forum during the registration. Many people who are working on the best essay writing service help and answer all the queries.

  • Anthony Anson 2 weeks ago

    Hello dear,

    Maybe it is technical problems or some errors are automatically created that do not know to the website administration. Now, you should send an email to the admin maybe they respond to your email. By the way, some websites take much time to verification because I have an experience that I used for my website who offers buy assignments services. So, lots of reason is here for verification issue.

  • lawrence sanchez 6 days ago

    Your account is more secure when you need a password and a verification code to sign in. If you remove this extra layer of security, you will only be asked for a password when you sign in. It might be easier for someone to break into your account. While considering an online best essay, assess the creator's accreditations in regards to the topic. An all-around contended paper will display a contention from a specialist who supports your contention; additionally, incorporate another voice that contends against your postulation.

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