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Here's What Humans Might Look Like if We Evolve to Survive Car Crashes

A trauma surgeon, a crash expert, and an artist teamed up to build the ideal crash-proof human.   This is Graham. Graham has trouble getting dates, and he's not sure why. Is it his fat, bulbous head? Or perhaps it's

The Completed Pokédex Is a Beautiful, Beautiful Thing

Do you remember a time before Pokémon Go? A time when our lives were dictated by anything other than (Poké) balls, (Zu) bats, and (incu-) 'bators? I don't. And probably neither does tacotuesday123, an Imgur user who posted his or her entire, completed

"Twilight" Star, Ashley Greene Gets Engaged

It was a captivating moment for "Twilight" star Ashley Greene last week. When she went down on a tour to the bottom of New Zealand's Bridal Veil Falls last week, she had no idea she she would come back up